A step-by-step formula to balance your Time, Energy & Focus between your day job, your side-gig, and your life.



Stay Focused

Learn how to be fully focused at your day job, on your side-gig and in your personal life.

Manage your time

Make every minute count.
Discover how to free extra time in each area of your life.

Stay in control

Get organized and take control with simple and effective task management skills.


Spring Session Starting May 24, 2019.

Operating a side-gig while working full-time should not take over your life! Learn a new way to manage your tasks, your time, and your business.

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To create a positive impact on our customer’s lives by providing a holistic approach to productivity that is simple, sustainable, effective and invisible.


Three Surprisingly Unusual Ways To Save Time

What does it mean to save time? No one can put aside three hours from today and choose to use it next week.

When someone says they want to save time, she typically means that more efficiency is desired so that more time will become available for other things. Those things might include enjoying more quality time with family, reading more articles about time-saving tips, or perhaps focusing additional time on more highly valued tasks.

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How An Infant Will Make You Spiral Out Of Control

My story begins with spittle. Two years and eight months ago my wife and I became first-time parents. We were the proud new owners of an adorable spittle machine.

This new machine had many more features than simply producing spittle. It could also manufacture copious amounts of other liquid and semi-liquid substances.

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