A step-by-step formula to optimize your Time, Energy & Focus to save time, work faster and get results for your business.


Stay Focused

Being more productive is not about working harder. Work with more focus so you have more down time.

Manage your time

Make every minute count.
Discover how to free extra time in each area of your life.

Stay in control

Get organized and take control with simple and effective task management skills.


Private coaching for busy entrepreneurs.

Do you feel overwhelm from too many things to do but not enough time to do them?

Do you get stressed because you can't seem to make progress on your goals?

With The 13-Month Year coaching you will learn how to replace:

  • Overwhelm with 10 extra hours per week
  • Brain fog with clarity and focus
  • Burnout with a desirable quality of life
  • Abandoned projects with results

Schedule a free strategy call today to find out how The 13-Month Year can help you to get results for your business and more free time for yourself.


To create a positive impact on our customer’s lives by providing a holistic approach to productivity that is simple, sustainable, effective and invisible.


The Five Fundamentals of Holistic Productivity

The Five Fundamentals of Holistic Productivity

You can almost see it now. The picture is beginning to take shape. You already know what it will look like — a set of eight antique cars on an octagonal board. After all, this is your favorite jigsaw puzzle.

The cover of the box illustrates the completed puzzle. You could use it to help fit the pieces together if only you still knew where to find it. Instead, you are working from a vague impression in your memory.

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This is Why You Need to Hire a Sherpa Even if You Will Never Climb Everest

This is Why You Need to Hire a Sherpa Even if You Will Never Climb Everest

The sun is high and the ice is melting. With the snow hanging precariously overhead and the threat of an avalanche, there is no choice. You have to turn back and lose a half day of climbing.

You are on a quest to reach the top of Everest — the highest mountain peak in the world. It is a 40-day journey and you cannot do it alone.

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