The Five Fundamentals of Holistic Productivity

You can almost see it now. The picture is beginning to take shape. You already know what it will look like — a set of eight antique cars on an octagonal board. After all, this is your favorite jigsaw puzzle.

The cover of the box illustrates the completed puzzle. You could use it to help fit the pieces together if only you still knew where to find it. Instead, you are working from a vague impression in your memory.

This is Why You Need to Hire a Sherpa Even if You Will Never Climb Everest

The sun is high and the ice is melting. With the snow hanging precariously overhead and the threat of an avalanche, there is no choice. You have to turn back and lose a half day of climbing.

You are on a quest to reach the top of Everest — the highest mountain peak in the world. It is a 40-day journey and you cannot do it alone.

Can You Guess Why Execution at a Haunter Mansion is a Good Idea?

Something vibrates. The chairs lift and all rotate 90 degrees to the right. Each is facing the back of the next chair. There is a track and the chairs begin to move forward.

The first chair veers off to the right. The rest follow. Turning. Tilting upward. They enter a narrow and dark tunnel.

This Is How Playing Musical Chairs Can Make You More Productive

The music starts and everyone begins to walk around the circle of chairs. You are focused and alert, listening for any clue that the music might suddenly stop. As soon as it does, you will need to rush to the nearest chair to sit before there are no chairs left.

This is Why a Swarm of Flies Will Make Your Plane Crash

As you leave for vacation and approach your departure gate, consider one question:

Would you let a swarm of flies pilot your plane?

The answer should be obvious. (The answer is “No.” In case it wasn’t obvious!) Although you would never board such a plane, if the answer is so clear then ask yourself why you are allowing a swarm of flies to pilot your life?

Three Surprisingly Unusual Ways To Save Time

What does it mean to save time? No one can put aside three hours from today and choose to use it next week.

When someone says they want to save time, she typically means that more efficiency is desired so that more time will become available for other things. Those things might include enjoying more quality time with family, reading more articles about time-saving tips, or perhaps focusing additional time on more highly valued tasks.

How An Infant Will Make You Spiral Out Of Control

My story begins with spittle. Two years and eight months ago my wife and I became first-time parents. We were the proud new owners of an adorable spittle machine.

This new machine had many more features than simply producing spittle. It could also manufacture copious amounts of other liquid and semi-liquid substances.

Say Farewell to the Someday/Maybe List

When I first began using GTD®, the first behavior that produced a feeling of clarity for me was Capture. I have an average memory, but I frequently forget thoughts I had only moments ago. Perhaps this is because I often have numerous additional thoughts in quick succession and I just cannot retain all of them. It turns out that nobody can — at least not without intentionally using memory tricks (which is not something that I typically do).


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